THE Genealogy Show: Spring Event 2022

With the Winter event having reached an end on the 2nd of January 2022, and the Spring event being just round the corner, we thought we should take the time to reflect on the past 2 virtual events and give you an insight of what’s in store for the third iteration of our massive virtual event; THE Genealogy Show: Spring Event! 

Before we do though, we’d just like to take a moment to thank everyone involved with the Winter event, be it Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, or Viewers, as without the support, the Show wouldn’t have been what it was! 

TGS Winter Event Home Hub

Changing from an in-person event to a virtual one was not an easy challenge in 2021. Given the global pandemic, it was simply not feasible to host the show in person – and going completely virtual to acclimatise to the situation posed many difficulties in of itself.

Despite this, however, we truly feel that by bringing THE Genealogy Show to an audience virtually, not only did it enable those that would usually partake in-person to see the event during such trying times – it also enabled the show to be universally viewable form audiences all around the globe – which presented us with a wealth of knowledge taught by genealogists from many different walks of life, with speakers presenting from all over the world.  

So, with Spring on its way, so comes THE Genealogy Show: Spring Event! Taking place on April 1st – 3rd, this version is assured to be the best so far!  

Let’s have a quick rundown of the event layout!  

Exhibition Zone: 

Our one-of-a-kind Exhibition Zone map is the perfect place to Exhibit a company’s product or services and it’s the most engaging way for visitors to have an explore of what’s on offer! Take a look around our exhibitor stands – or cabins in this case! – by using our ‘drag n drop’ function, a useful tool that transforms the virtual experience. Here’s a quick look at what our Winter map looked like, but it may look slightly different come the Spring Event. 

Exhibitors Map

Main Stage: 

You’ll be able to tune in to the premier of all Main Stage talks for a whole 48hrs. A new talk will be going live on the hour, every hour during this time. We will be specifically selecting talks from a wider variety of sources to help give you information from all across the globe. If you’re worried you’ll miss a talk, don’t worry! After they’ve premiered, you’ll be able to view them in On Demand. 

On Demand: 

This area is dedicated to giving you access to all videos across the entire website. We want you to be able to consume content at a time that best suits you and your very busy lives. That’s why we will be keeping the entire website open for 30-days. During our June event, we had over 110 videos ready to watch at the click of a button. This included all talks from the Main Stage, Exhibitor & Sponsors videos and much, much more! 

Reading Room:

Fancy a quick read? Swing by the Reading Room, where we have a selection of articles, blogs on a variety of topics (everything from research techniques to top tips n tricks) and book previews. If you’d like to submit some of your writings to be featured in the Reading Room, you can do so completely free of charge by dropping us an email to info@thegenealogyshow.uk. 

Games Room:

Take a break and head over to the Games Room, our light-hearted and fun area. Test your knowledge with some of our in-built quizzes, put your steady hand to the test with our downloadable colouring sheets or even try some crosswords that will really require all your brainwaves! 

Speakers’ Corner:

With the previous events, viewer experience was always our number one priority – and with the Spring Event we wish to make no exceptions. For the Winter Event just gone, the addition of the Speaker’s Corner enabled viewers to easily find ways to interact with a speaker post-talk – should someone have been interested in a talk topic, they could directly contact the speaker! 

Community Room:

The Community Room acts as the forum for the show, where viewers can chat amongst themselves post-talk, in rooms dedicated specifically to the talk – speakers can get involved with the conversations too! 


When can I buy a ticket?

Tickets for The Genealogy Show: Spring Event will be available for purchase soon – make sure to grab the early bird discount of £15 (down from £20) whilst it lasts! 

Exhibitor & Sponsor Info

If you’d like to become a Sponsor or Exhibit at our Spring Event, drop us an email to exhibitor@thegenealogyshow.uk for more information on how to get involved. 

Speaker Info

If you’d like to join us as a Speaker at the Spring Event, we’d love to have you with us! Submit your Speaker Applications by clicking right here. 


We look forward to having you with us for the Spring Event! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact via info@thegenealogyshow.uk